About Us

Offhanded Applications began with a dream, well two dreams really.  Our first dream was to build an app from scratch for the iconic BlackBerry platform, just to show the world that we  could do it.  Our second dream was to brew the perfect cup of French press coffee without all the fuss of opening a stopwatch application and pressing a bunch of on-screen buttons.  And so we set to work and Coffee Timer for BlackBerry 10 was born, a one-touch 4-minute timer to help you brew the perfect cup of joe.

But we didn’t rest on our laurels.  Instead, we dreamed a third dream.  A dream of making lists, and carrying them around with us, and clicking on items on the list to show that they were done.  From this humble dream was born Listful, a feature-rich list-making app for both BlackBerry and Android platforms.

What’s next?  Only time will tell…